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A kart racer for the NES built in the style of Super Mario Kart. Made for the NESDev Compo 2022.

This game is a work in progress, with several features not implemented yet to make a full kart racing game:

  • CPU opponents or multiplayer
  • Power-ups / collectibles
  • Multiple levels

The game currently features "Mode 7"-lite graphics on the NES, a driveable track, and wall-based obstacles. Expect some graphical glitches and imprecise collision detection.

The final ROM will target the GNROM mapper; so instead of releasing Gumshoe in the US and Japan, picture if the first NES kart racing game had been released in 1986 instead.

Controls: Left and right to rotate, B to accelerate.

Requirements: Works on my NES (tested with a Everdrive), and the FCEUX and Mesen emulators. Certain emulators may have issues with using DMC IRQs for rendering.


  • 2022-10-31 (cfcb276) — Adds sprites that animate with NES controls.
  • 2022-10-31 (aa9d5fd) — Added a scrolling title screen and wall collision.
  • 2022-10-28 (8d96be2) — Updated to use the Action 53 mapper. Adds a basic title screen for a "Time Trial" mode (not yet implemented).
  • 2022-10-26 (879cbea) — Initial upload (temporarily using Mapper 34). Features a playable track, different terrain speeds, but no collision detection yet. Graphical glitches on the horizon and out-of-bounds.


mariokart86-cfcb276.nes 64 kB
mariokart86-8d96be2.nes 64 kB
mariokart86-879cbea.nes 96 kB


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I would love to hire you for some work if you are ever interested in that! Great work on this!  Email me johnroo@theretroroomgames.com

What the codes mean at the end?


This is amazing. It’d be so cool to see a version that takes it from tech demo to game.Let me know if you want to use my Wink characters